i am due to attend my first protest today. as with most protests right now its about the raising of UK university fees. now there is something about this protest which concerns me. i like the cause and that's pretty much the only reason I'm going. i can easily understand the anger at the raised fee's. but my major problem with this protest is the amount of people just being there for the hell of it. this protest was planned through facebook and therefore hundreds and thousands of people from school heard about it. the curator of the protest planned for a collection of people who support the great cause to walk out of school on a Wednesday afternoon (when all the 6Th formers have a free), but this attempt has ended up with a lot of lower school children leave school just to leave lesson their not even there to support the cause, just there because they can be. and that is why I'm against that protest, essentially thousands of people have a nice walk to shout just for the hell of it, that's a cause i do not support.

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