just a very short post to tell you that I'll be going live at 9.00pm GMT Saturday 13Th march and might be on 6.00pm GMT the next day on Sunday 14Th march but time might change. this is just simply for fun i don't know how long I'll be on for both time and please join the chat I'll be live at


be there or be square just because rob likes to say things that are obviously cheesy. happy birthday Mr. nobody famous' birthday today.


i'm riding too many band wagons!!!

I'm starting to feel bad about the amount of posts I'm writing recently is that right or wrong? what am i doing? in a big plee to help me get my dream job/job shadowing I'm going to start writing about every piece of tech or game i use that's not to say that every single post i do will be a tech review. just after what norledge said i looked into it and it turned out that of the 6 game reviewers i looked at, 6 had a blogs reviewing games before they got there job. so if i want a job reviewing tech it seems that's the way i need to go. norledge has his own channel reviewing media and the such but I'm not sure weather he wants to do that when he's older but it should be a good blog, he's yet to review something. since I'm in school right now i don't have any tech to review but i am going to go through my box of xbox games 1 by 1 and review them all and also i will review my laptop my camera and video camera my ipod, phone and other assorted tech i get my hands on. also norledge's review blog is separate from his normal blog but I'm gonna mix mine in and distinguish them by calling them "REVIEW (insert name of product)" also might post a normal blog post along with the review.

also just so you guys know the footage i filmed for phat rob show i gonna go unused I'm gonna try get my followers on my blog first before i try start making a video blog. ummm what i would like to do is take my camera more places do some fun stuff and will be bringing the camera along to Worcester tomorrow.

should i do a theme you know a normal blog post should i actually i will but I'm gonna keep it short. today's theme is :
getting exam results : part 1 (part 1 because i wish to expand on this later.)
my guide to getting exam results comes in 3 big bullet points. number 1 is what not to do the day before you results.
~worry you shouldn't worry like what you worrying about you've already done the exam you've already created the results there is no way you can change it and the only emotion you should be feeling is boredness of having to wait so long for the damn things.
second point is what not to do when you get you results.
~ cry or shout yay! or even feeling anger like seriously what gonna change if you cry about it you can be disappointed but that can all change
third is how to chose a retake.
~ don't retake if you get a low mark. don't retake if you tried your hardest only retake if you are unhappy with your results not if your parents are unhappy with your result or your teacher is unhappy with your results the point is there your results so you decide what to do with them.
sorry if the advice is a bit crap but its what i do if it doesn't work for you then don't worry.

rob failed his exam don't listen to him. happy birthday johnny Knoxville and john Barrowman.


osama bin ladens camera personality

its strange how i don't post in like 3 weeks then all of a sudden i blog twice in a period of 24 hours but hey. main cause of this blog is a special birthday no not robert llewellyn although it is his birthday and he does have a lovely podgy face when he's in red dwarf. just look>>>. no I'm actually here to celebrate a very special persons birthday and that of course is... you guessed it...... osama bin laden. that's right its the lovable leader of Al-Qaeda and I've baked him a cake and i have the perfect picture of bin laden enjoying said cake. completely not photoshopped in any way. and now you guessed it it time for random facts about osama bin laden time. please not that none of these fact are not copied from wikipedia in any way whatsoever.

random fact 1: bin ladens real name is Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden or Usāmah bin Muḥammad bin ‘Awaḍ bin Lādin if you prefer to say it in his native language

random fact 2: After leaving college in 1979 bin Laden joined Abdullah Azzam to fight the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

random fact 3. In 1974, at the age of 17, bin Laden married his first wife Najwa ghanem at latakia. According to CNN national security correspondent David Ensore, as of 2002 bin Laden had married four women and fathered roughly 25 or 26 children. Other sources report that he has fathered anywhere from 12 to 24 children

random fact 4: osama bin ladens wikipedia page has quite a lot of information on it and i cant me arsed to look thorough it all.

random fact 5: is about Robert Llewellyn. Llewellyn has worked as a voice actor, providing the voices of the alien creatures in Skywhales (1983), the voice of Feeble for The Feeble Files (1997), and the perplexed 'Gryphon' in the film MirrorMask (2005). He has described himself as "very much a 'don't want to do it now' kind of person" (Dwarfing USA documentary, Red Dwarf V DVD

but hey that's all good and out of the way. now for the theme. lets have camera personalities. in general people act differently when on camera and the master of not doing so is shaycarl and the shaytards but sometimes peoples camera personality's are damn annoying like bailey every time a camera turns to him he has to present what is going on at that moment and calum whats with the fucking silly noises on camera. i try to be my self but seriously it is slightly hard but these guys like dude. no but by far the best camera personality i have ever seen just has to be bin laden in his super famous video tape. what acting skill he shows there its just amazing. no but seriously guys when i whip the camera out to try and grab some footage for the phat rob show can you guys act more lets say...... normal.

rob has wicked cameraface. happy birthday 54Th birthday Robert Llewellyn and special happy 53rd birthday to our favorite terrorist barrack Hussein Obama. lol


stupid backstabbing wii

i haven't blogged since February and i kinda wanna not excuse myself from that. now i am gonna start reviewing things but Sam told be i should do so before he started. he advised me it would help me get a place on a course for games journalism, which is my dream job. no band wagon jumping on here. so to start my reviewing blogs I'm gonna start with a very broad one.

as you would expect the Nintendo wii is not a very good games console as games consoles go however i have become increasingly bored with my xbox and any new games i get seem to be the same boring drizzle i feel the PS3 would just be a more expensive version of this drizzle. saying the wii is a bad games console isn't completely accurate you can play complete awesome and equally as good games on the wii. for example no more heroes and madworld, both as good as any xbox game i have ever played but less boring. also the wii opens me up to different types of games like wii music and Mario and sonic at the Olympic games which are less games and more sports. the way the wii makes stuff unboring is by making everything bright and cheery and also the crazy energy using control methods. for anybody looking for a break from their normal games console i thoroughly suggest the wii its new and fun for more than half the price.

now for some ratings. as this is for a games console its slightly different than rating a game.

playability. 8/10 - you can play the wii for ages because you are having fun but eventually the jingle like music just gets on your nerves

graphics. 2/10 - for a next generation console the wii's graphics are absolutely amazingly crap

games availability. 9/10 there is a game out there for everyone including me the more gamery type

overall. 6/10. you kinda have nothing to compare this to but yer for me that's pretty good.

OK now for a theme..... a theme of backstabbing or talking about people behind. i got calum angry/annoyed today i know he won't admit it but just look at his blog post. now calum in reply to your blog post i left a comment on that blog post and if the rest of you don't mind (Sam and bailey) could you go over to that reply and see what you agree with. you might realise everyone back stabs but its kinda human nature. thing which is strange about me is i have the balls to go right out and tell that person that i have been backstabbing them and criticize them then hope they use that criticism to change who they are. which is why i keep telling you calum that you are a dick and i am hoping you will change that about yourself.

you may notice I've been talking just to you three just because i know your the only three that read my blog however I'm hoping that will change and if my plan works i will help you guys get more followers too.

ouch my back. happy birthday denisevlogs....if you don't know who she is shes a video blogger. I'm not really into her but there is nobody else with a birthday today.