Things rob has learnt the hard way.

when choosing between a can of strongbow or a can or energy drink, do not come up with the genius idea of mixing the 2.



in graphics, a class about design, we are taught that when researching our product we should look at user needs and then design the product accordingly. however the idiot that invented socks was obviously never taught about this. what I'm trying to say is that socks have no use and i have no need for socks. they take me time in the morning to put on and then i have to spend time taking them off later at night, the only actual use i have found for them is when you are trying on shoes in a shoe shop, that and a couple of mopping jobs here and there. but the most annoying thing to happen when wearing socks is a wet patch. wet patches naturally occur especially when more than half of your house has laminate flooring, it only take one person with one wet shoe or one slightly clumsy person with a drink and you get a wet patch. now if you happen to encounter a wet patch whilst wearing only socks you socks will soak up the wet patch and the socks get your feet wet, become soggy and uncomfortable but also become unusable so that you have to waste time replacing it with a fresh pair. if you step in a wet patch with a shoe or bare foot none of this soaking up nonsense happens , the worst is spreading of the wet patch (hazard to other sock wearers) or a slightly wet foot. i don't know what problem I'm solving by holding a protest and not wearing sock but I'm going to anyway.

also socks is an inappropriate name to call an animal, even if said animal has different coloured feet to the rest of its body.

phat rob


for the past 2 fridays i have missed doing film reviews, i did write the first one however it seems it didn't publish corectly, so instead i have decided to do them whenever i watch a film that i want to review.below is a review for the film v for vendetta, which is now one of my favorite films.

i also want to post top 10 lists of films, i'm gonna start this with robs top 10 films to watch.

10. original star wars trilogy
although not 1 film they are films you need to watch, mainly because they're referenced EVERYWHERE, if you can only watch one though watch a new hope, which is by far the best one.
9.the weather man
although not one of my favorite films, and it has the worst actor ever, the weather man is a film not to miss.
8.a clockwork orange
a brilliant film that you would and should regret not seeing.
7.saving private ryan
the only war film in my top 10 favorite simply because its brilliantly done and brilliantly loved.
6.forest gump
this films a classic and no matter which way you look at it this film is a must see.
5.the green mile
yes, another tom hanks film, but he's in some amazing classics, if you watch this, you'll probably end up watching it 6 times like i have.
4.sin city
dosen't stand up to its book well, but its a damn good film, especially as a person wanting to learn about film this film hold a lot of tricks and cinematic effects.
3. v for vendetta
although only watch it last night i know now that this film will have a lasting impression on me, it was just fantastic
2. good will hunting
fantastic film, i've never heard anyone badmouth it and it dosen't deserve to be either.

1. the dark knight
although this seem like another actiony superhero film its not its fatastic, although not as artistic as some of the previously mentioned films, its brilliantly written, directed, acted, shot and has a brilliant storyline

honourable mentions
the shawshank redemption
the silence of the lambs
the shining
fight club
the truman show

REVIEW: v for vendetta

v for vedetta is fantasticly brilliant film. it easily makes itself somewhere near the top of my top 10 films. i read the book about a year ago but have wanted to see the film since well before then. i always doubted it would stand up to the brilliance and quality of the book, but it did, very well.

set in a communistic britian, ruled but a single man, v for vendetta follows the story of evey hammond. somewhat unluckily she acidentaly meets V. V is an escapee of a detention facility, however he did not escape horrific burns covering the whole of his body. V wants revenge on the government for the communistic future and fear they hold over the people of the nation. through a series of 'terrotist' attacks he was able to get the public to notice him. he spreads a message of hate throughout brittian by taking control of a tv station. however since evey knows too much about him he must keep her locked away until he takes his revenge on the government. V puts too much trust in evey and lets her out in order for her to help him kill a priest, who worked at the detention centre he was in. evey manages to escape and goes to hide in a friends house, her friend is a gay and gays have been outlawed buy the new government so he has a hatered towards the government, he keeps a shrine of various banned items, police storm his house and arrest him but do not find evey, however V does. V tortures evey to makes sure that if he let her go and she got caught that she would not tell the government of V's hiding place. V makes a series of killings, killing the people who directly treated him in the detention centre. meanwhile the chief of police is hunting him down, although they get close they never catch him. the whole film ends in a scene where V takes about 8 cartridges of pistol bullets at once then kills all the police who were shooting him, when he gets back to evey he dies but he leaves her a train packed with explosives that will travel underneath the paliment building and blow it up, exacting his revenge on the government.

of course i am missing out on major parts of the story, but i think this follows the general gist of things.

PROs: alan moore wrote such a brilliant story, and they projected it well through the film. fantastic acting on hugo weavers part. fantastic in pretty much every way. direction was amazing, and the DOP deserves a medal for some of that. great adaptions were made from the novel to make it more suitable for film media, but they fit so well with the origiinal book, it made it hard to tell a difference.

CONs: natalie portman(evey) acted very poorly throughout the film. it seemed had to convey both such a deep thrilling story in just over 2 hours and the fact that the story took place over a year, it seemed like it was happening over the matter of a couple of weeks.


couple o' tings

you may or may not have noticed the new ad's floating around on here. they're probably over there >>> and down there vvv. just try to ignore them, they're nothing.
secondly, i changed the design of the website, used my own graphics, yes blue is a graphic. and i just used it to brighten up the place everything was kinda dark before. tell me what you think.
thirdly, my new YouTube video, TEA, should be out at the end of this weekend. sorry i haven't made many recently, I've been bogged down with a bunch of school work, i actually filmed this a couple of weeks back but haven't had the time to edit it, but it should be there soon, will post a blog about it when its done.
main point. imma deffo start movie reviews now. I'm going to be doing film in uni and hopefully for the rest of my life. as a start, a maintained blog can be impressive on a job or university application, i just want to put an extra step and make my blog somewhat film themed.i wanna do this by making a movie review every Friday (maybe). i have access to a large amount of films now since signing up to lovefilm.com, recommended for any film fan/buff. tomorrow will be watchmen, I'll also explain the format then and there. i hope you'll enjoy this.
the film review will mean a blog at least once a week and I'd like to think i could do a normal blog once a week too, not sure if i would set a specific day for me to write normal blogs, cus them I'd be forcing content, which is never good, and i don't like breaking promises.

see you soon phat fans.