failure is always an option.

Calum no!! phones just don't magically appear in pockets. face it you stole my phone you Nazi scouse thief. grrrrrrr. since I'm writing messages, bailey no!! i don't just go around giving my password out for things which Calum can rape me on i.e. he doesn't know my facebook. the way he gets on is by going on my laptop which auto signs in to my accounts. the reason i give out my password is trust the same with my pin code. I'm happy to give them out because i trust that you won't hack my accounts and rape me and you won't mug me and take my card. the only reason Calum rapes me on facebook is because he can't do it unless he's on my laptop because my facebook password is different, its kinda like this disobeying laws part of human nature, you know the "i can't do it normally but i can now so i will cause its fun" part of human nature. OK bailey nature was slightly longer but that because he gave me content.

so yesterday i filmed some new parts for the next phat rob show i know i haven't made one in ages but this one is different. this one is gonna take me 2-3 weeks to edit. so to get a head straight with the editing i went straight ahead and started doing it yesterday. only thing is this episode is a bitch to edit I've started and I'm already thinking why don't i quit, its OK to quit no one depends on you, failure is always an option. saying this one is gonna take me a few weeks to edit doesn't mean your gonna have to wait a few weeks to see me, i will film and edit smaller ones in the meantime.

sixth form had Assembly this morning which sucked but it sucked more than usual for me because i got sent out (<<<<<>

i would talk more but I'm in fear of boring the fuck out the tiny amount of people that actually read my blog. i am going to see a film tonight with Calum and Norledge so we'll see how that goes might blog about that abit, maybe even wideo blog.

rob?? is always an option??? if you know what i mean. wow i need to pay some Jews to write these little anecdotes for me. happy Johnny cash's birthday people.


boreom is a funny little man.

boredom is a funny little man and to illustrate this point I'm going to inject an image like all the rest my friends are. my only way of gathering this image was to insert the search term funny little man and give you the first image result google returned. how google managed to link this image with the search term i do not know but any hows. this kind of should backup my complaining about how nothing google ever does works fully in fact google fucked up this time with not only the first result not being relevant but none of the images on the font page included an actual funny little man as you can see in the picture to the right. sometimes on google image search i feel like I'm looking through as I'm sure i said before, the only thing google has ever made work properly is their android phone OS. i never really spend much money on technology when its not needed i.e my mobile phone never usually cost more than £50. but i am seriously considering spending money where i don't need to just to get a phone that operates android. this may seem like i am therefore opposing Apple's iPhone, the reason is i already have an iPod touch. like I've already overpaid for a similar apple product so why i would want to over spend again. also apple are way better at making mp3 players i will wait till then know more about the mobile phone market before i purchase a phone from them. as I'm talking about apple i would to say a a big happy birthday to apple CEO Steve jobs. happy birthday Steve jobs. random Steve jobs facts:-
1. Steve jobs helped built the great arcade hit 'breakout'
2. Steve jobs was once fired by apple for ruining the company. he was later hired as the CEO.
3. Steve jobs is awesome and would in fact stand a chance in a fight with chuck Norris, that is before he gets round house kicked to oblivion

o and I'm pretty sure Steve jobs doesn't have the time to read this blog so could one of you just pass my happy birthday onto him thanks!!!!!

rob <3 steve jobs. happy steve jobs' birthday



i feel as though rape wouldn't be strong enough word to describe what has happened to me today. Calum's house ... what a journey!!! i came here because Calums PC is too crap to deal with the HD footage coming from my camera, so i had to bring my laptop over so he could use it to edit the latest phrat boys production point wars. But today is far from what i expected i have been raped many times in many different ways. my first way of being raped is being beaten by a newb on guitar hero. fair enough Calum has some awesomes at playing guitar hero but he has no where near the amount of experience that i have on guitar hero. secondly i was forced to play call of duty. i personally don't like call of duty but when your only real other choice of game is guitar hero (which I'm very angry at at this point) i am forced to play call of duty. so i decided instead of going online and being raped further by some random online jippo, i decided to play a bit of campaign. only thing is campaign gets extremely boring so i reserved to going online. but before i could i had my third raping. the controller was stolen from my hands and i was given achievements which lead to me being accused of being a g-whore. after getting my firm final raping from the online jippos i came to the computer to find Calum had worked his way onto my blogspot account and has changed my profile picture to 2 lesbians having fun. I'm gonna leave the picture there for a couple of days for your viewing pleasure.

after all that rape it made me think about WHY THE FUCK I HAVEN'T MADE ANY VLOGS IN LIKE A MONTH. ok, ok let me explain, there are many reasons why i didn't make a vlogs this week the main being, i did. i did make a vlog last week i filmed it and everything it just happened that the way i filmed it meant it was near enough impossible to edit. not only was it impossible to edit but it sucked. for all of anybody that actually reads this blog and is waiting for my vlogs i promise one by the end of this week.

i would like to propose a change to the meaning of the word rape Rather than it mean the kind of taking sexual privileges over somebody without permission, have it mean to invade personal space or to not allow them to do something they were trying to do or even making them do something they don't want to. this would of course mean there would be a larger amount of rape in the world but i think i could live with it.

rob got raped :(. happy February 21st people.


sleep un-deprevation???

looking over my blogs from last week it seems i moaned quite a lot about being sleep deprived but now I've done sooooo much lying in i feel kinda ..... like......... sleep un-deprived. I'm not even sure that's a word but I'm suffering from so much sleep un-deprivation that i can't be bothered to go to google and find out.

today was pancake day/mardi gras but i didn't have pancakes so i kinda felt weird but i did do some bad things like i woke up and i talked a bit. OK i didn't celebrate that much but you know it is actually a Christian festival and since i never claim I'm christian i don't feel obliged to celebrate it. wow that makes me sound dull.

so I've decided to change the name of my blog to 'a blog with long post' but now that I've done so i can't find any content to write in said long posts. ummm boring life = boring.

filming the second phat rob show tomorrow should be a laugth. also going to a party with Norledge, cal and Ryan so that should provide me with some good content. anyways i guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow.

sleep un-deprivation = laziness. happy February 16th.


this is madness. THIS IS ........... MONDAY!!!

actually the title lies. Monday = boring would have been a more accurate title. yay rob came back from his short break of not blogging. well i was gonna post Thursday but after the whole stressful day of finally handing in all that coursework and then filming what we could of point wars i just didn't feel like posting. after Thursday came Friday and Alex and Calum had me wake up at normal school waking up time when we had the day off school to go to Alex's house. at Alex's house i just spend a large amount of time playing guitar hero and then i went to Alex's youth club where i played more guitar hero and i guess since then I've been having a great big lie in. well, i haven't just slept i woke up at a good time on Saturday and went over to my granddad's to set up his new computer which earned me the treat of McDonald's (which i haven't had in a while) and then i went up town with my friend Ryan and then pretty much spent the rest of the day lounging around. Sunday was a lot more uneventful i just sat around waiting for my mum to moan at me to move my arse which i would inevitably ignore then just turn up the two and a half men to drown out her noise. today which i mentioned has been boring, my brother and sister are back from my dad's therefore preventing me from getting any chance for any quality TV time. but there was a light at the end of the long Monday tunnel. my mum is taking my sister to the cinema tomorrow so won't be here to cook me and my brother pancakes for shrove Tuesday sooooo we had them today and phat rob loves pancakes. i would go into details about the pancakes but i would probably bore you.

Evesham, being a small quite town in the middle of England, is never in the news. so when a crazed father puts his children in his car and jolts towards the river at 40 mph, Evesham turns into a small media storm, this was kinda exiting finding your hometown in all the papers and such, but then you remember the reason why its in the paper. a couple of days after the farther gave his two children the fright of life his 6 year old daughter died. she'd been trapped in a bubble of air inside the car for a whole 2 hours and when she was recovered and flown to join her brother in Birmingham children's hospital she was in an awful state. her brother who was in the car with her luckily escaped and today he was released from hospital today. hopefully his dad will not b e being released from anywhere and will be sent straight to the prison showers to pick up the soap if you know what i mean.

on a entirely more cheerful note i would like to talk shortly about McDonald's. earlier i said i was treated to a McDonald's but in all truthfulness it kinda isn't a treat. McDonald's food isn't actually nice. saying I'm a fat kid i should like a good Maccy D's but its just simply not something i want. McDonald's food has no taste or sustenance its actually kinda horrible and for the price's you pay I'm not surprised McDonald's make a lot of money. if i could sell crap at that kind of money to millions of people a week I'd be a trillionare in a couple of years.

so i guess i have to sign this off by saying something about how you should be expecting to see more of me than what you have in this previous week . happy February 15Th people well whats left of it.



just a quick post to say that i prob won't be posting till tomorrow afternoon i got like a load of coursework to catch up on. this kinda also means no phat rob show I'll film phat rob show on Friday. also for the weekend. I'm gonna do Rob's weekend game review. I'll try play bioshock 2 before then so i can tell you what i think. anyways i guess I'll talk tomorrow. happy February 10th people.



so my mum finally went out and brought me some hot chocolate which makes rob extremely happy hyper and slightly more awake i am yet to have a third mug but i am like super exited as you can see.

after my amazing amount of jumping around and yelling " yay hot chocolate, hot chocolate". i settled down and did some quality guitar hero. then my hand ached so i came and sat and started typing this blog post. wow I've had a stressful day. so now something to talk about. i could talk about me finally getting the new facebook layout a whole 2 days after the rest of my family but i suppose that would be boring for you all. ummm no really i have no idea what to write about i usually have quite a good idea what I'm going to write but every single thing escapes my mind. ahh i know here blog my other very flawed skill. now i watch video blogs constantly and I'm always looking out for new and interesting people to watch so any suggestions please comment. now people who know me will know that i basically idolise ray William Johnson and watch both his normal show and his daily personal vlogs religiously. but surprisingly he is not my favorite video blogger here is a run down of all my favorite video blogs/bloggers with analysis:

1. wheezy waiter aka Craig benzine ( wheezy waiter provides me a daily video blog and there usually short but there always topical, funny and creative. wheezy waiter only has a reasonably small following but big guns like Dan brown believe he could one day be king of YouTube and believe this and i hope one day this is true.

2. raywilliamjohnson ( and his other channel breakingnyc ( ray was the first video blogger i ever saw and i watched nothing but him for ages and he is the one who made me want to do video blogging. he reviews viral video's i a very comic way. he has a new video every Wednesday and Saturday.

3. charlieissocoollike aka charlie McDonnell ( charlie is so cool like and that is the reason i like. actually i shouldn't like him really he's not regular and he's very popular, he's just cool like. oh and the the youngest and the only British guy in my top 5

4. vlogbrothers aka john and hank green ( vlog brother i dunno i find then interesting they have a huge following and i hope on being a nerdfighter which is a group led by them dunno just think their vids are cool and topical

5. pogobat aka Dan brown ( asked me a couple of weeks ago and Dan would have been number 3 or so but like he seems like a knowledgeable guy and his old videos are great but he's starting to make some dumb ass decisions like dropping out of school for a super secret project that kinda sounds like it will inevitably fail.

umm hope you at least half enjoyed that if you've got some spare time just click on the links above. oh and also sorry about the moody blogs over the last few days I've just been a bit stressed. happy February 9th people

this blog sucks!!!

since I'm in sixth form i don't actually have lesson 100% of the time i often have free periods filled with delights like Paul's house and random fun trips to Tesco in which i often enjoy lovely cans of kick, which according to Sam tastes like piss. oh the fun we all have dossing about in random fun time. wait, wait, remember yesterdays post of me just complaining about all the bad points of sixth form namely the huge amounts of coursework and homework. so what sixth form does have a good side have i seen the light, no i haven't i fact seeing that this makes me want to stay in sixth form piling up more and more coursework until i finally get somewhere with it. sixth form sucks!!!.

so what now I've got to a point in my life where i believe that i could be completely independent and not only would i like to know this but i would like to try it. so the main problem with my Independence is my complete Independence of the other people in my family, so how do i cut this off, why i move out of course. but there's one hitch i don't earn no where near enough money to rent my own place I'll have to move in with on of my friends so lets ask them now and see their replies.
Calum: "very funny, no. when my grandma dies, yes"
Norledge: " no, because i have haddock hanging from my ceiling"
Bailey: "yeah why not" but i wouldn't want to live with him anyway so next
Paul: "i doubt it"
so my quest for complete Independence has failed. :( . maybe Independence just isn't my thing maybe I'll just sit home with my whinging mum, annoying brother and 9 year old sister.

no honestly i really want to show my Independence. but i can't so this just ends up in me resenting my family. my life sucks and so did this post. happy February 8th everybody.


rob's rules

as though my day hasn't been long enough already i decide to sit at my laptop late at night and write all you potential readers a post. nah just kidding i can't help myself. anyways i wanted to write a post now and about this certain subject because i know my main readers are my fellow bloggers Sam, Alex and Calum, not to say this post is aimed at anybody in particular.

so what is it that i wish to enlighten you all about??? well blogging of course. i myself have been blogging since Tuesday and i am now able to see what i have achieved, siting there analysing my page i see my page self Analise in numbers i.e. i have 7 posts, 6 subscribers and my average amount of viewers at anyone time is 2. and i am going to easily admit I'm doing awfully so how do i fix this and here's how i thought in list form.
1. there is never an end date to blogging, i will never stop, i will never finish, the only light at the end of the long, long tunnel is popularity and even then blogging doesn't stop. rob you must plan for this.
2. stop writing and read. in order to know what i am doing i must first know what other people are doing so i can follow their footstep on my path to popularity. research is key.
3. when you start blogging, popularity is like an island and you have your own Small island far away from that but by make numerous telephone calls and pleas for help (comments and email) to people living in popularity they will be able to send you a boat to help you get there. use popular people to get popular, like getting a foot up over a wall
4. final Rob's rule is set a target. i do this where ever i go if I'm walking somewhere my aim will be get to the place I'm going etc. some after some though i made my self 3 rule/aims;
1. become a nerdfighter. i know I'm far off but i believe i could make it
2. go to a YouTube gathering. this one is easier
3. never trust the numbers. fair enough they're low but i doesn't mean anything right now.

i super deserve hate mail for everything i do like really i do. happy February 8th everyone.


coursework, hot chocolate cravings and saturday night TV

OK so the last time i posted was Friday morning so what its not like i have to post. I've been like solidly doing coursework for like the last 48 hours and now I'm about to die of sleep deprivation because I've run out of caffeine (hot chocolate). no actually some of that is kinda lies, i did mean to post on Friday night however blogger seems to hate video uploads and denied me from doing so. so what i just post my vids on YouTube and then embed them no actually blogger isn't going to let me embed video's either so i guess i do nothing and once i got to the point where i decided to give up all hope on that Friday night and decided to write an all new one i simply had nothing to blog about .

after that whole fiasco with the video's i decided to go to youth club where i would spend the next 2 hours pressing coloured buttons and hitting a piece of plastic along with bailey. that is of course because bailey just loves guitar look just go look at his blog .

so i just spent from about 9 on Saturday morning until now just doing coursework and i can say there's nothing more fun than doing coursework for 48 hours straight without any caffeine (hot chocolate). so now in my very ... very sleep deprived state i stare at the dismal amount of coursework i have actually done and therefore decide to procrastinate from doing anymore by writing this blog. and now my little brother turns up to tell me the fact than he has been skating for 7 hours today and he skated for 6 hours yesterday and this just makes me remember those years before sixth form when i could do whatever i wanted for 6-7 hours a day and then i come come home and think about what I'm going to do for 6-7 hours tomorrow. and oh they were great times alright but then i chose the option to stay up late into the night doing hours on end of coursework to satisfy my teachers. and all that sacrifice just to make my life better in the future and now i not sure i is all worth it.

i sit here sunken into my chair with a headache from the fact i have not drank a hot chocolate in 2 days straight i read what i have just previously wrote and realise its just a load of yammer about how i haven't slept. then i come to this sudden realisation of why i am doing this coursework now, its because my coursework deadlines are Wednesday and Thursday. so what after Thursday I'm free. no I'm not after Thursday comes the revision and rob loves revision.

now I'm going to write a whole paragraph without the word coursework in it ... oh shit. OK the next paragraph will not have anything to do with coursework, homework, sleep deprivation and I'll try my hardest not to mention hot chocolate.

and now for something completely different is what i would rather watch on a Saturday night not total wipe out or casualty. i know its not on TV but i will get off my arse and put in a DVD rather that have my brain fryed by bailey's ( favorite total wipe out which is obviously a complete and utterly crap copy of the great classic takeshi's castle. and as for Sam's ( fave, casualty i didn't even know that show existed anymore i like haven't watched it since the 90's. like if i had to watch something on TV I'd just switch over to comedy central and I'd watch some quality American sitcom like two and a half men, scrubs, 30 rock or even ummm south park which isn't a sitcom but none the less awesome. any way its not like i have time to watch TV I'm always doing ..... oh yeah sorry.

if there isn't an easier bang wagon to jump on its blogging and that seems to be whats happening. i know technically i joined after Sam but i have been planning to blog write since the phat rob show season 1 finished. i know that me and Sam would have worked together well in our little blogging duet but then bailey and now our other Friend Calum has joined like i guess we'll just have to do it all in a kinda phrat boys blogging team which actually sucks. but one thing i am proud to say is that I'm the only one who video blogs and I'd half like it to stay that way . I'd be OK with one of our little blogging team to join me preferably Sam.
Calum's blog :

i would just like to close this post with a big hurrah and a nice mug of warm soothing hot chocolate only thing is I've ran out... mum where the pro plus

finding time

for some reason i find myself with enough time to write 2 blog posts a day which i hear is actually quite a high amount of blogs i.e. if i write 2 posts a day for a week that's 14 posts. if i write 2 every day for a 31 day month that equates to 62 posts which is like whoa. OK fair enough i have the time to write these posts but do my potential readers have the time to read all my posts i don't want to be overloading people with information. comments please

on a completely different note today is a Friday, but no wait this is no ordinary Friday this is the Friday in which i film another short film with my filming group the phrat boys. but I'm Rather sure I'll post later with how it went and even some behind the scenes footage for you all!!!

Friday is also the day which i also attend a youth club. i go because of my huge amount of spare time (and also to procrastinate from doing homework) . basically its at a church now I'm no believer of the christian faith, i only go to play guitar hero on the wii, but for some reason attending the group makes me ask myself questions and ponder upon religion and the general world,i don't think i would ever chose and support a religion but these thoughts range from what if Charles Darwin is not completely correct what if it was something completely different I'm not saying god but it could be the majority of people could be completely wrong you just never know. also what if we did find positive proof of say evolution surely the people who follow therefore believing in something and putting faith in it. in my definition of a religion this makes Darwin/evolution a religion (i think i have heard the term Darwinism) surely all these people that say "no religion is wrong" and then support evolution kind of makes me feel strange how can you not like religion but support a mans idea and say that man is a great man. this just all completely blows my mind.

Alex bailey the child and fellow sixth form student who introduced me to this youth club has also started up his own blog. Alex IS religious and his blog does seem to contain quite a bit of anti semitism. completely unrelated to the religion there is also quite a lot of lies and inaccuracy.

if you would like to read a more accurate and non religiously slanted blog i suggest you read my friend Sam's blog if you haven't already.


rob lieks hot chocolates

so i'm sat here cheery and warm with my mug of hot chocolate relaxing with all of yesterdays video blogging effort uploaded and my long busy day is nearly over.

so i promised i'd talk abit about my good friend sam. ummmmm he's actually a mental but somewhere in that brain of his is a sensible talented blogging mind. in a kind of way his intelligence in his blog shocks me as whenever i see him he's always in mentalist sam mode i enjoy reading everythiong he posts and i'm sure you would too

pauls house..... thursday

so right a bunch of friends (from sixth form), and me used to go to this one friend of ours house on a Monday during our free periods and lunchtime. since this Friend was called Paul we renamed that Monday, Paul's house Monday. however Paul and few of the others had their time tables changed and it resulted them not having any free periods on that Monday however by going on a Thursday this whole problem has been saved we can stay at Paul's house nearly all day therefore there is now Paul's house Thursday and that is exactly where i am now writing this blog. but there is one slight thing ......... Paul is ummmmm slightly homosexual so at this very moment i am writing this very blog post from a gay mans bedroom. never though i would say that.

so anyway today has been slightly uneventful all i can say that has happened is that the first episode of the phat rob show season 2 has finally uploaded i tried soooooooo hard to try to get it up on YouTube for Wednesday as the video blog is groundhog day themed i figured it was better to go up on groundhog day however YouTube was being a complete and utter bitch and failing my upload. but after leaving my laptop on all night and pretty much all day today it has finally uploaded. After school I'll post another short post telling you where to find it giving you a link. I'll also talk about a friend of mine who started up a blog and got into the whole idea that writing a blog is a lot easier than filming one. he is a very talented blogger read on later.

if anybody is offended by anything i say in my blog/vlog i am very sorry, but i was slightly angry because my family had tried to annoy me whilst i was trying to film the vlog i know it no excuse for bad mouthing a load of dead people but that shows my view of the current situation. expect the next installment of the phat rob show next Wednesday.



simply today isn't very interesting all i've done is woke up taken a crap and walked to school and now first thing i do in school is sit around for an hour waiting for my only 1 hour of lessons i have today. there's a six hour day and i'm only learning for 1 hour like whats the use. although it seem as though i'm just comstantly complaing wednesday afternoon's off from school is a blessing that way i can film the phat rob show. anyway these free periods are ment for homework and the other kind of jibba jabba school wants you to do and they are not for blog writing. ummmmmm now what homework to do, oh no seems i didn't bother bringing my bag because i only have 1 lesson today. ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. sorry for getting all angry all over you then its just you know grrr. see you soon

p.s i promised a couple of things in my last post those being that i would not talk about the phat rob show and also that i would blog every 2 days but blogging is a ratherfine addiction and i seems that the phat rob show is a major part of my life so you know if i'm writing about my life i have to write about the phat rob show. have a good wednesday


first blog/vlog

so its my first chance to relaunch and revitalise the phat rob show just hoping i find a way of gathering an audience but i think I'll keep going no matter how long it takes me. if i have 100-200 subscribers by the end of the year then I'll be happy. I'm gonna film tomorrow afternoon i don't know what content I'm gonna use i kind of been thinking about for a couple of week and now its come to it i can't think up anything any good. its sods law. so anyway I'm gonna see what kind of reception i get in the future on this blog i think I'll try to stay away from talking solely about my vlog and try to talk about more bloggery type thing only just right now the only thing i can think about is my vlog. I'll see you on Thursday.