REVIEW : Transformers 2

as a promised a few trillion blogs ago i am going to review a product. so what am i choosing to review, Transformers 2.

basically transformers are an alien race from the planet cybertron, the alien race are in a huge civil war, autobots vs. decepticons. before the first film cybertron is destroyed and the civil war continues on earth. at the end of the first movie the supposed decepticon leader, megatron, was killed and that was that but the second film revels many thing. firstly megatron is no where near any kind of leader. the film is yet again based around the main character Sam (Shia Labeouf) and his girl Friend Michaela (Megan fox). the story goes that the decepticons are after a shard of a mysterious cube and Sam has got his hands on one of the last two shards, the other one being in the hands of the American military. in the fight to get the shard optimus prime is killed trying to protect Sam. the last shards are used but when Sam originally touched the shard its powers did something weird and gave him weird vision. turns out these visions happen to be a map to something the decepticons really want there hands on the trouble is only the primes of the alien race can read the map and the last living prime was optimus. they characters find out through other methods that the map is to a machine that can put out the sun but i needs a key to do so. Sam manages to find another prime he brings back to life with the last shard who reads the map which takes them to Egypt. Sam retrieves the key which promptly turns to dust which he shoves into a sock (that changes colour throughout the rest of the film). the only person who can stop the decepticons wining is optimus prime. Sam dies and though Michaela screaming i love you he come back to life which turns the key back into the key which he then used to bring optimus back to life. the key is than promptly stolen by the decepticons and put in the machine. optimus gains strength and kicks some decepticon ass.

the film is self was just full of Michael bay type giant robot fighting and slow motion shot of Megan Fox's tits hypnotising bouncing in slow motion. neither of which I'm complaining about they're both awesome but I'm expecting more from a film. i won't go into fact that the whole film is basically a Chevy advert. but around all this crap is a story a very crowded confusing story. i can't concentrate on Megan fox's tits and a very complex story like this one i think its just not possible even for women. i got confused when writing the story above. although overall the film was OK i would say its way to confusing especially when you consider that in the DVD case there was an advertisement for kids toys and its quite obvious it supposed to be a kids film, even though its a 12 because of the sex and drug reference.

overall i would give the film a 6/10. there wasn't a lot of substance to the film but i actually enjoyed it and 3 other words Megan fox's tits.

also while I'm blogging i would like to mention i made a 4 second film which i uploaded to my second channel, its not worth embedding so here's a link. here. its basically a clone of me getting shot. i just wanted to show people a new special effect which i learnt before watching transformers. it was shot on my web cam.

I'm going to the cinema with calum on Wednesday and we're going to see the losers and possibly another so i will probably blog or review that on Thursday

Megan fox's tits


they've won

as I'm sure everyone is aware on September 11Th 2001 the world trade centre was demolished, that day there was also a war won. i hope you're also aware of the new york bomb scare a couple of weeks ago, in which the whole of times square was evacuated because of a possible bomb.

the object of terrorists i.e. definition of a name is one who uses methods of threatening and causing hurt to create at atmosphere of fear and scare. when i say a war was won i mean terrorists got what they wanted and caused this atmosphere of fear and scare. this happened when 1 group of terrorists caused a huge amount of death and danger, the world trade centre was destroyed. since this day the world has changed, although i never really experience the world fully before this even although i do know that before it as possible to get though an airport in less than 2 hours where last year i had to wait in an airport for a full 5 hours before we could board the plane.

it has gotten to the point where people anticipate a terrorist attack if we do so much as show a censored image of the prophet Muhammad who according to the Muslim religion must not be depicted. this anticipation leaded to the police in new york receiving a report of a possible bomb in the popular new york tourist location of time square this lead to police closing the whole of times square for a whole business day losing a lot of businesses based in time square a lot of money. in the end the supposed bomb happened to be a plastic bag filled with water bottles.

read what you want from this but i read the world is so terrified of these terrorists that it is possible to make thousand off people think a bag of plastic bottles is a bomb.

this was also exhibited in my own experience when Tesco's in Evesham closed for the day and lost a lot of money because somebody phoned up and simply said there was a bomb in the store.

this all makes me believe terrorists are no longer terrorist in their old definition and are the creators of the modern world and how it is run. happy 26Th may :)



it seems nobodys been writing their blogs its excuseable cause of exam but i want to see you guys back on your bloging horses once exams are over. here is my sorry for not writing mine i have been working on a long long long on that hopefully alleast 1 of you will be interested in reading. so because of your waiting for my blog here's a quick reward video.

have a nice dickday



i feel ive not been entertaining enough recently so here a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head

that is all


omg i'm soooo exited for next weeks video its just finished rendering with the music and its reli funny, i can't wait for the rest of you to see it. i feel like now i'm in this roll of producing videos weekly i can keep my channel goinhg realy well and it a matter of time until i start getting some real views. calum vlogs should have huge numbers of views, and bailey is just starting to realese his videos. sam although not video making or vlogging is an extremely good comedy blogger and it now seem we should be all settleing into our new roles on youtube and here on blogspot.

although all this moving on and all this progress we are making alone on our own channels we need to remember where this all came from and you answer will be phrat boys which is right. i realy don't want us all to forget about phrat boys amungst all our new internet fame. we need to find someway of balancing our channels our school work and phrat boys. first i have to ask is this possible, which i suggest it is. secondly is it worth it. is phrat boys good enough for the amount of time we spend doing it. i'm not suggesting dropping phrat boys i just suggesting that we just concentrate on that especially once we've all got our channels up and ruunning.

i just feel its good that the future looks bright but we have to make sure we don't forget our roots and carry on how we started

happy 14th may.


i know this seems this is all i do now but i promise some more blogs to come soon, but right now there is a couple of new videos i have out.

this one explains how in the future i am going to make my video so i'm not rushing around making editing redering and uploading on wednesday. basically i'm gonna film a video one week and release it the next week, see video for more information.

as explained in the video i've started up a new channel where i'm gonna upload funny little vids from my phone and also the extra's from my main channel video's i.e. bloopers. this is just a short video i made in order to get people opinions on this new stucture, leave yours in the comments.

thanks for reading that stuff :). happy 12th may people, argos opens tomorrow


made a new video today unlike anything i've done before. here it is

here are the bloopers from the video above

i didn't lose any weight!. happy 9th may

phat rob - living life to the almost full, seriously he's not fat enough to fill it all up

Ok so this is less of a blog and more of an appeal to the 3 of you. I want names for a short film i am creating for phatrobshow. Basically because of the first vlog being called ground rob day and that is basically my name spliced into a movie title, i.e. lord of the Phat, Robert potter, planet of the phats. Those were crap but it doesn’t need to make any sense whatsoever and it doesn’t have to do anything with the film. The film is based on my walking along way (i won’t tell you much more) so i was think something like forest Gump (with my name spliced in) or another one i came up with was run Lola run but the only way i could personalise that is fun Phat boy fun which is what i believe to be the name a of a film already. Any help. If i don’t get anything good imam have to just go with something like fat arse walks a long way.

Also just to make this somewhere along the blog type lines i hereby talk about myself. And stress free life styles. Turns out once you don’t have your graphics work bearing down on you like a ton of bricks, your life become a whole less stressful. As such today is the first day in 3-4 weeks that I’m kind of smiling and relieved on the inside not just on the outside to put on a good show. Feeling good is kind of weird after weeks of being under soooo much pressure. Would it be weird to say i feel high? Fair enough i still have things hanging over me but they’re smaller things like tidying my bedroom and smaller pieces of homework .................o... and i need to revise. But now that I’m stress free seems like a good time to procrastinate a bit and get what i wanna do done say making a new video. Alex i will require you help for this.

Phat rob is high on life. Happy Cinco de Mayo peoples.

P.S. What does everybody think of a video where i have bulletime but we call it phatime and its either like me eating food in slow motion or it’s just me being real bad at actual bulletime. Ideas??