short review of shutter island

shutter island is all about characters, and i love characters. DiCaprio was brilliant he had so many different level of emotion and feelings to express and all of them were executed brilliantly. direction was fantastic, there is defiantly a reason i have heard Scorsese's name before, pity I've never payed any attention to him, the writing was pretty good as well, but it comes from a novel so that's what you'd expect. the only thing which really holds it back for me is that the twist was far too guessable, this isn't the films fault though, its that twists in modern films come so often now that it makes them easier to guess, this kinda made me not be waiting for the end. if that makes sense, essentially although it was brought together well at the end, i didn't really need to see it to understand what was going on. after the reveal though you can go back though the film and see all the characters acting their part in Teddy/Andrews fantasy and that's fantastic, so will be watching again in future. but another major point i put down this film on is the use of unnecessary crap and the over empathises of it. for instance when that woman goes shhhhhh at Teddy/Andrew at the start that's way overplayed, since it has no relevance to the film, there is no need to put the clip in EVERY trailer, poster and screenshot list available. also the whole thing where Teddy/Andrew attacks the other inmate who jumps on him. that's supposed to be a hint to show that he is comfortable to attack other inmates because he is one, saying that a police Marshall wouldn't, but i think anybody in that position would attack back, its a way overplayed piece of the plot. overall pretty fantastic film. 8 or 9 /10

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