True Romance With Men Who Grow Backwards And The Third Kind, And Other Stuff

So if i were lying I'd say the reason that the reason i haven't written a blog post in over a month is because I've been busy finishing up coursework, if i hadn't written a blog post within the past 2 weeks this would have been true, but its been over a month. so loads of stuff has happened in the last month, but nothing too exciting, or at least exciting enough for people to listen to me about. although since all my course work was due in on Friday, I've watched a film a day, close encounters on Friday, Benjamin button on Saturday and true romance on Sunday. so now I'm gonna do a short review on each, happy face.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: 8/10
i love this film originally straight after watching it i was thinking 10/10 but after i calmed down from the initial excitedness of watching this fantastic film i realized a couple of negative points which marked it down for me. the main thing being is that it is the most rushed story i have ever seen, this film isn't short or anything its like 2 1/4 hours long, its just theres plenty of story to go round. it almost feels like this film was a novel and they just squeezed in all the essential components, the main thing which suffers this kind of thing is there is no point for he wife or family, it wouldn't make his character a different person, or make you think any more or less of her. then there is that random bloke who joins them then dies really quickly for no appereant point, the film would be the same without him and then at the end when the aliens take him there is no explanation why he wants to go. it just feels like if there was more time these thing could have been said or could have effected the film in some way. things i love though are, the soundtrack, the amazing special effects (made in 71, believable today), the bit where he goes mental and is chucking stuff in his house.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button: 9/10
expected something different from this film, but got somthing much better, some aspects of the film are weird, and its just like WHY!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!!!! but otherwise fantastic, really convincingly acted and brilliant story, really powerful message. now i think about it there are a few things that annoyed me one being the stupid filter they used for like half the film, it was horrible, and then it suddenly disappeared, also they should have left the film with Ben and not the current day, but both of these are such minor point within a movie so good.

True Romance : 7/10
recommended to me by Calum and he lent me this to watch. at the time i was on a major Tarantino binge and he said 'hey here's a film that was written by tarantino' so i was like 'hells to the yeh, i wanna borrow this'. so now i finally got around to watching it and yeah it was good, but i've seen a lot better, but i don't think this film should be associated with Tarantino, although he has defiantly got a lot of influence, but there is major Tarantino missing. the non-linear storyline - missing, the ending build up - un-Tarantino-y and the end its self was pretty badly written - not Tarantino. other than that though, brilliant film, fantastic characters, fantastic acting to match. generally ok film.

going to see Source Code and probs Suckerpunch, will blog them soon keep an eye on the recent films sidebar and also follow my twitter, there's a widget over in the sidebar too. also might do a blog about my general life and stuff since i do them a lot less frequently now.

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