my somewhat unhealthy obcession with denzel washington

coursework season is nearly over, 2 more days then i can do what i want, and revise.

over the past couple of months i've picked up a liking for films staring denzel washington, which are films usually directed by tony scott. to be fair all the films follow the same storyline. denzel washington is normal bloke, somthing kinda related happens, an explosion, bad things, dezel washington is the hero. but they are all a little different and i love them all in their individual ways. i think everyone needs to face the fact that denzel washington is pretty amazing. so the 2 most recent films i've watched,

The Taking Of Pelham 1, 2, 3: 7/10
Man On Fire: 9/10

suprisingly there are a lot more films of his i need to watch, since they release about 2 a year.

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