i'm riding too many band wagons!!!

I'm starting to feel bad about the amount of posts I'm writing recently is that right or wrong? what am i doing? in a big plee to help me get my dream job/job shadowing I'm going to start writing about every piece of tech or game i use that's not to say that every single post i do will be a tech review. just after what norledge said i looked into it and it turned out that of the 6 game reviewers i looked at, 6 had a blogs reviewing games before they got there job. so if i want a job reviewing tech it seems that's the way i need to go. norledge has his own channel reviewing media and the such but I'm not sure weather he wants to do that when he's older but it should be a good blog, he's yet to review something. since I'm in school right now i don't have any tech to review but i am going to go through my box of xbox games 1 by 1 and review them all and also i will review my laptop my camera and video camera my ipod, phone and other assorted tech i get my hands on. also norledge's review blog is separate from his normal blog but I'm gonna mix mine in and distinguish them by calling them "REVIEW (insert name of product)" also might post a normal blog post along with the review.

also just so you guys know the footage i filmed for phat rob show i gonna go unused I'm gonna try get my followers on my blog first before i try start making a video blog. ummm what i would like to do is take my camera more places do some fun stuff and will be bringing the camera along to Worcester tomorrow.

should i do a theme you know a normal blog post should i actually i will but I'm gonna keep it short. today's theme is :
getting exam results : part 1 (part 1 because i wish to expand on this later.)
my guide to getting exam results comes in 3 big bullet points. number 1 is what not to do the day before you results.
~worry you shouldn't worry like what you worrying about you've already done the exam you've already created the results there is no way you can change it and the only emotion you should be feeling is boredness of having to wait so long for the damn things.
second point is what not to do when you get you results.
~ cry or shout yay! or even feeling anger like seriously what gonna change if you cry about it you can be disappointed but that can all change
third is how to chose a retake.
~ don't retake if you get a low mark. don't retake if you tried your hardest only retake if you are unhappy with your results not if your parents are unhappy with your result or your teacher is unhappy with your results the point is there your results so you decide what to do with them.
sorry if the advice is a bit crap but its what i do if it doesn't work for you then don't worry.

rob failed his exam don't listen to him. happy birthday johnny Knoxville and john Barrowman.

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