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i haven't blogged since February and i kinda wanna not excuse myself from that. now i am gonna start reviewing things but Sam told be i should do so before he started. he advised me it would help me get a place on a course for games journalism, which is my dream job. no band wagon jumping on here. so to start my reviewing blogs I'm gonna start with a very broad one.

as you would expect the Nintendo wii is not a very good games console as games consoles go however i have become increasingly bored with my xbox and any new games i get seem to be the same boring drizzle i feel the PS3 would just be a more expensive version of this drizzle. saying the wii is a bad games console isn't completely accurate you can play complete awesome and equally as good games on the wii. for example no more heroes and madworld, both as good as any xbox game i have ever played but less boring. also the wii opens me up to different types of games like wii music and Mario and sonic at the Olympic games which are less games and more sports. the way the wii makes stuff unboring is by making everything bright and cheery and also the crazy energy using control methods. for anybody looking for a break from their normal games console i thoroughly suggest the wii its new and fun for more than half the price.

now for some ratings. as this is for a games console its slightly different than rating a game.

playability. 8/10 - you can play the wii for ages because you are having fun but eventually the jingle like music just gets on your nerves

graphics. 2/10 - for a next generation console the wii's graphics are absolutely amazingly crap

games availability. 9/10 there is a game out there for everyone including me the more gamery type

overall. 6/10. you kinda have nothing to compare this to but yer for me that's pretty good.

OK now for a theme..... a theme of backstabbing or talking about people behind. i got calum angry/annoyed today i know he won't admit it but just look at his blog post. now calum in reply to your blog post i left a comment on that blog post and if the rest of you don't mind (Sam and bailey) could you go over to that reply and see what you agree with. you might realise everyone back stabs but its kinda human nature. thing which is strange about me is i have the balls to go right out and tell that person that i have been backstabbing them and criticize them then hope they use that criticism to change who they are. which is why i keep telling you calum that you are a dick and i am hoping you will change that about yourself.

you may notice I've been talking just to you three just because i know your the only three that read my blog however I'm hoping that will change and if my plan works i will help you guys get more followers too.

ouch my back. happy birthday denisevlogs....if you don't know who she is shes a video blogger. I'm not really into her but there is nobody else with a birthday today.

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