osama bin ladens camera personality

its strange how i don't post in like 3 weeks then all of a sudden i blog twice in a period of 24 hours but hey. main cause of this blog is a special birthday no not robert llewellyn although it is his birthday and he does have a lovely podgy face when he's in red dwarf. just look>>>. no I'm actually here to celebrate a very special persons birthday and that of course is... you guessed it...... osama bin laden. that's right its the lovable leader of Al-Qaeda and I've baked him a cake and i have the perfect picture of bin laden enjoying said cake. completely not photoshopped in any way. and now you guessed it it time for random facts about osama bin laden time. please not that none of these fact are not copied from wikipedia in any way whatsoever.

random fact 1: bin ladens real name is Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden or Usāmah bin Muḥammad bin ‘Awaḍ bin Lādin if you prefer to say it in his native language

random fact 2: After leaving college in 1979 bin Laden joined Abdullah Azzam to fight the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

random fact 3. In 1974, at the age of 17, bin Laden married his first wife Najwa ghanem at latakia. According to CNN national security correspondent David Ensore, as of 2002 bin Laden had married four women and fathered roughly 25 or 26 children. Other sources report that he has fathered anywhere from 12 to 24 children

random fact 4: osama bin ladens wikipedia page has quite a lot of information on it and i cant me arsed to look thorough it all.

random fact 5: is about Robert Llewellyn. Llewellyn has worked as a voice actor, providing the voices of the alien creatures in Skywhales (1983), the voice of Feeble for The Feeble Files (1997), and the perplexed 'Gryphon' in the film MirrorMask (2005). He has described himself as "very much a 'don't want to do it now' kind of person" (Dwarfing USA documentary, Red Dwarf V DVD

but hey that's all good and out of the way. now for the theme. lets have camera personalities. in general people act differently when on camera and the master of not doing so is shaycarl and the shaytards but sometimes peoples camera personality's are damn annoying like bailey every time a camera turns to him he has to present what is going on at that moment and calum whats with the fucking silly noises on camera. i try to be my self but seriously it is slightly hard but these guys like dude. no but by far the best camera personality i have ever seen just has to be bin laden in his super famous video tape. what acting skill he shows there its just amazing. no but seriously guys when i whip the camera out to try and grab some footage for the phat rob show can you guys act more lets say...... normal.

rob has wicked cameraface. happy birthday 54Th birthday Robert Llewellyn and special happy 53rd birthday to our favorite terrorist barrack Hussein Obama. lol

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