I know this is the second time i have returned in 2 days and that might feel strange after a month of inactivity but rather than talking about the second thing on my list of things that i like i wanted to bring a news item either to your attention or inform you more about it. That news story would be the discovering of an iphone prototype in public hands. Some people might be bored of this and i suggest if you know the whole of the story to skip straight to the next paragraph. Simply everything you read about now is what i have gathered from the gizmodo website. So basically a guy is at his local bar doing bar type stuff when he sees that somebody has left their iphone 3gs there he quickly swoops it but after a close inspection see’s the rounded back is actually a case. When he removes the case it contains a strange phone that he’s not seen before then being a slightly clued up bloke realises that the bar he is at is near the apple headquarters and puts 2 and 2 together and realises what this is. He leaves the bar surfing the phone on the newly announced iphone 4.0 software, he is able to do this for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden apple shuts the phone off remotely. A couple of days later the man walks around tech websites and news to see who would buy his story and his new iphone. The website that buy’s this is gizmodo. Gizmodo are quick to upload a video and a few photos to their website gaining about 7 million pages views in the last 4 days. Gizmodo say the phone has the insides made by apple and they point out that it would be near impossible for a normal person to make a phone out of apple components, that didn’t end up being the same as the old iphone. Gizmodo also say apple have said they have lost a prototype and they want it back.

This story certainly seems believable, you know and innocent guy finds a phone turns out to be the next wonderphone. There just seems to be no holes to poke in this story, i myself even believed it at first. But there is a problem with this story, gizmodo are the only website to have said anything about the iphone, i mean 1) Where is the guy who found the phone for all we know gizmodo could have made him up to make the story more believable 2) what they say about the phone insides then there are no pictures with the phone open 3) there is no proof anywhere on the internet that says that apple said what gizmodo said apple has said. Also if gizmodo are not at fault of this being a fake the guy could be a real person that made this fake and fooled gizmodo with his story. I’m not saying that this story is defiantly fake but it just seems a bit suspicious, if this iphone is released eventually then that would be awesome and i guess we’ll find out the truth when apple reveals it in June. Also we will defiantly find out the truth because apple isn’t going to spend millions on redesigning before June when they’ve been working on this one for a good 3 years. I say you should go over to the story (link below) and see what you make of it.

Rob wants an iphone. Happy 21st April.

Gizmodo story and photos: click here

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