how to resolve failure

you know that kind of failure when you know something is doomed to fail and the inevitable will happen resulting in this strange feeling of not anger but failure. it is that kind of failure that wants to make you go stand in a packed public space and just yell 'FUCK!' then turn to the nearest war veteran and tell him to go fuck himself, so in that sense its kind of the same as anger. now the failure which makes me want to write about this is my complete and utter failure at my graphics coursework although due within the next 30 minutes i decide to sit here and inform all three of my reader about how to resolve this feeling and it is inevitable that this will happen. But Rather than just telling you straight away imma tell you how i ended up in this predicament, and surprisingly in links to the second item in my list of things i really, really like which is my complete and utter lack of any kind skill. in this case my lack of being able to keep time therefore me rushing on the last day to try and finish and then failing to do so is what happens. but my complete lack of talent expands to everything even blogging, if i had talent my vlogs would be watched, I'd be able to wake up in the morning, go to sleep at night, I'd even be able to breath properly, I'd e able to do the three peaks challenge next year without anyone doubting me. face it i have no talent and if anybody can come up with one i would be grateful as i have pondered this for many an hour and am yet to find a specific skill.

so now for my guide of how to stop failure
1. find a crowded public space : the more quiet the place is the better. the more easily offended the people are there the better. crowded library's are good
2. make sure a war veteran is near
3. breath in deeply
4. let out the loudest 'FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK' you have ever given
5. turn straight to the war veteran
6. tell the veteran to fuck himself
7. add the topping i.e. turn to a small child and tell them Santa isn't real
8. feel relieved and enjoy the rest of your day until you fail again

so rob what are we going to do tonight. i don't know calum maybe we'll do what we do every night. and whats that rob. we're gonna try to take over the world. NARF. happy 30Th April :) PDF (please don't fail)

this blog is a trademark of fail and please go fuck yourself.

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