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Ok so this is less of a blog and more of an appeal to the 3 of you. I want names for a short film i am creating for phatrobshow. Basically because of the first vlog being called ground rob day and that is basically my name spliced into a movie title, i.e. lord of the Phat, Robert potter, planet of the phats. Those were crap but it doesn’t need to make any sense whatsoever and it doesn’t have to do anything with the film. The film is based on my walking along way (i won’t tell you much more) so i was think something like forest Gump (with my name spliced in) or another one i came up with was run Lola run but the only way i could personalise that is fun Phat boy fun which is what i believe to be the name a of a film already. Any help. If i don’t get anything good imam have to just go with something like fat arse walks a long way.

Also just to make this somewhere along the blog type lines i hereby talk about myself. And stress free life styles. Turns out once you don’t have your graphics work bearing down on you like a ton of bricks, your life become a whole less stressful. As such today is the first day in 3-4 weeks that I’m kind of smiling and relieved on the inside not just on the outside to put on a good show. Feeling good is kind of weird after weeks of being under soooo much pressure. Would it be weird to say i feel high? Fair enough i still have things hanging over me but they’re smaller things like tidying my bedroom and smaller pieces of homework .................o... and i need to revise. But now that I’m stress free seems like a good time to procrastinate a bit and get what i wanna do done say making a new video. Alex i will require you help for this.

Phat rob is high on life. Happy Cinco de Mayo peoples.

P.S. What does everybody think of a video where i have bulletime but we call it phatime and its either like me eating food in slow motion or it’s just me being real bad at actual bulletime. Ideas??

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