omg i'm soooo exited for next weeks video its just finished rendering with the music and its reli funny, i can't wait for the rest of you to see it. i feel like now i'm in this roll of producing videos weekly i can keep my channel goinhg realy well and it a matter of time until i start getting some real views. calum vlogs should have huge numbers of views, and bailey is just starting to realese his videos. sam although not video making or vlogging is an extremely good comedy blogger and it now seem we should be all settleing into our new roles on youtube and here on blogspot.

although all this moving on and all this progress we are making alone on our own channels we need to remember where this all came from and you answer will be phrat boys which is right. i realy don't want us all to forget about phrat boys amungst all our new internet fame. we need to find someway of balancing our channels our school work and phrat boys. first i have to ask is this possible, which i suggest it is. secondly is it worth it. is phrat boys good enough for the amount of time we spend doing it. i'm not suggesting dropping phrat boys i just suggesting that we just concentrate on that especially once we've all got our channels up and ruunning.

i just feel its good that the future looks bright but we have to make sure we don't forget our roots and carry on how we started

happy 14th may.

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