they've won

as I'm sure everyone is aware on September 11Th 2001 the world trade centre was demolished, that day there was also a war won. i hope you're also aware of the new york bomb scare a couple of weeks ago, in which the whole of times square was evacuated because of a possible bomb.

the object of terrorists i.e. definition of a name is one who uses methods of threatening and causing hurt to create at atmosphere of fear and scare. when i say a war was won i mean terrorists got what they wanted and caused this atmosphere of fear and scare. this happened when 1 group of terrorists caused a huge amount of death and danger, the world trade centre was destroyed. since this day the world has changed, although i never really experience the world fully before this even although i do know that before it as possible to get though an airport in less than 2 hours where last year i had to wait in an airport for a full 5 hours before we could board the plane.

it has gotten to the point where people anticipate a terrorist attack if we do so much as show a censored image of the prophet Muhammad who according to the Muslim religion must not be depicted. this anticipation leaded to the police in new york receiving a report of a possible bomb in the popular new york tourist location of time square this lead to police closing the whole of times square for a whole business day losing a lot of businesses based in time square a lot of money. in the end the supposed bomb happened to be a plastic bag filled with water bottles.

read what you want from this but i read the world is so terrified of these terrorists that it is possible to make thousand off people think a bag of plastic bottles is a bomb.

this was also exhibited in my own experience when Tesco's in Evesham closed for the day and lost a lot of money because somebody phoned up and simply said there was a bomb in the store.

this all makes me believe terrorists are no longer terrorist in their old definition and are the creators of the modern world and how it is run. happy 26Th may :)

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