5 disney movies i hate!

the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, slepping beauty, cars and freaky friday

main point(in note form):

new website
content ideas:
my videos
a short blog
a forum

i need peoples help what do i put on my website i can write pretty much about anything, apart from anything that will get it blocked in school, i.e. games, pornography,pirate downloads

also another plee is for anybody to help me film skits and shorts. i've been writeing short ideas down but i never expand on them. then it gets to the point where i look at my post-its to find note like unicorn stabbings, gay club bouncers and death the pet shop owners
sure they were once ideas but now just random scrawlings from my mind
basically any ideas or just films, i don't just want to make comedy, i can make action and horror (ooooo that'd be fun) or even artsy fartsy crap which i'd ike to do.

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