so my 60p hot chocolate, that i just brought from the school cafeteria, is way too hot for me to drink, it also has 3 of those little popper things like McDonald's does. McDonald's never uses theirs looks like neither does the cafeteria. so just next to the little mouth hole, which btw has no way to drink out of without spilling it, is these 3 raised circles of plastic. one is labels 'C' the next 'S' and the 'B'. its hard to work out what this means, it kinda wants to make me ask the cafeteria staff, wait no they won't know they never use them, that probably why, they can't work out what it means either. any way I'd like to think 'S' stands for sugar, i had sugar but she did use it, the 'C' maybe it stands for chocolate or coffee or caffeine, maybe like they pop that one if you order a full cup of caffeine, maybe that'd be just a strong espresso. so what does 'B' stand for ummmm i know, its probably bullshit for the people that like to drink a nice, overly hot, cup of bullshit in the morning yeah, that's it. i wanna know if i ordered caffeine with 2 sugars and a lump of bullshit, weather they'd give it to me, with all the little bumps popped down, or if they'd just stare me out until i ordered a real drink. its cooled down enough now that i can take a burning sip, its still to hot, i asked for hot chocolate not fire in a cup. also just cus my diagram mentions it, there's a stupid recycling logo that everyone ignores and chucks the cap, along with the rest of the paper cup, straight into the bin.

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