couple o' tings

you may or may not have noticed the new ad's floating around on here. they're probably over there >>> and down there vvv. just try to ignore them, they're nothing.
secondly, i changed the design of the website, used my own graphics, yes blue is a graphic. and i just used it to brighten up the place everything was kinda dark before. tell me what you think.
thirdly, my new YouTube video, TEA, should be out at the end of this weekend. sorry i haven't made many recently, I've been bogged down with a bunch of school work, i actually filmed this a couple of weeks back but haven't had the time to edit it, but it should be there soon, will post a blog about it when its done.
main point. imma deffo start movie reviews now. I'm going to be doing film in uni and hopefully for the rest of my life. as a start, a maintained blog can be impressive on a job or university application, i just want to put an extra step and make my blog somewhat film themed.i wanna do this by making a movie review every Friday (maybe). i have access to a large amount of films now since signing up to, recommended for any film fan/buff. tomorrow will be watchmen, I'll also explain the format then and there. i hope you'll enjoy this.
the film review will mean a blog at least once a week and I'd like to think i could do a normal blog once a week too, not sure if i would set a specific day for me to write normal blogs, cus them I'd be forcing content, which is never good, and i don't like breaking promises.

see you soon phat fans.

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  1. ouch my eyes hurt from blueness, this is actually true lol it was wierd reading the white surrounded by blue rofl :P