for the past 2 fridays i have missed doing film reviews, i did write the first one however it seems it didn't publish corectly, so instead i have decided to do them whenever i watch a film that i want to review.below is a review for the film v for vendetta, which is now one of my favorite films.

i also want to post top 10 lists of films, i'm gonna start this with robs top 10 films to watch.

10. original star wars trilogy
although not 1 film they are films you need to watch, mainly because they're referenced EVERYWHERE, if you can only watch one though watch a new hope, which is by far the best one.
9.the weather man
although not one of my favorite films, and it has the worst actor ever, the weather man is a film not to miss.
8.a clockwork orange
a brilliant film that you would and should regret not seeing.
7.saving private ryan
the only war film in my top 10 favorite simply because its brilliantly done and brilliantly loved.
6.forest gump
this films a classic and no matter which way you look at it this film is a must see.
5.the green mile
yes, another tom hanks film, but he's in some amazing classics, if you watch this, you'll probably end up watching it 6 times like i have.
4.sin city
dosen't stand up to its book well, but its a damn good film, especially as a person wanting to learn about film this film hold a lot of tricks and cinematic effects.
3. v for vendetta
although only watch it last night i know now that this film will have a lasting impression on me, it was just fantastic
2. good will hunting
fantastic film, i've never heard anyone badmouth it and it dosen't deserve to be either.

1. the dark knight
although this seem like another actiony superhero film its not its fatastic, although not as artistic as some of the previously mentioned films, its brilliantly written, directed, acted, shot and has a brilliant storyline

honourable mentions
the shawshank redemption
the silence of the lambs
the shining
fight club
the truman show

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