in graphics, a class about design, we are taught that when researching our product we should look at user needs and then design the product accordingly. however the idiot that invented socks was obviously never taught about this. what I'm trying to say is that socks have no use and i have no need for socks. they take me time in the morning to put on and then i have to spend time taking them off later at night, the only actual use i have found for them is when you are trying on shoes in a shoe shop, that and a couple of mopping jobs here and there. but the most annoying thing to happen when wearing socks is a wet patch. wet patches naturally occur especially when more than half of your house has laminate flooring, it only take one person with one wet shoe or one slightly clumsy person with a drink and you get a wet patch. now if you happen to encounter a wet patch whilst wearing only socks you socks will soak up the wet patch and the socks get your feet wet, become soggy and uncomfortable but also become unusable so that you have to waste time replacing it with a fresh pair. if you step in a wet patch with a shoe or bare foot none of this soaking up nonsense happens , the worst is spreading of the wet patch (hazard to other sock wearers) or a slightly wet foot. i don't know what problem I'm solving by holding a protest and not wearing sock but I'm going to anyway.

also socks is an inappropriate name to call an animal, even if said animal has different coloured feet to the rest of its body.

phat rob

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