good day

up until about 10 minutes ago this was going to be a review of the girl with the dragon tattoo, but now its a blog about what a good day i'm having. when i say a good day i mean a better than average day, take into mind that my average day composes of me dragging myself awake with 2-4 hours of sleep, slumping to school and stressing about the work i haven't done and the effect ifs having on my later life, then going home and enjoying the contents of my youtube subscription box. however last night i went to bed at 11 meaning i had about 9 hours sleep, which is a good start. but what i think really changed my day around is this morning i thought to myself 'today feels like a good day, today rob your going to have a good day'. and i know it sound sort of cliche or hollywood but somehow this thought has positivly effect my mood today, i'm not one to belive in destiny or anything like that, i'm simply saying i tricked myself into having a good day. today has been just as stressful as any other just i'm in a better mood. and i always have a sort of sunny dissposition in my world which is 90% shit, but today my world of shit just isn't effecting me and its not going to. some thought puts me at the popular nerfighter slang of DFTBA meaning don't forget to be awesome which is a fantastic saying and i wish that rather that it just being a saying i know and sometimes say a way of life i subscribe to. 'tomorrow rob your going to have have an awesome day and your going to DFTBA'. i'm still only about halfway through today i still have tonight to do, which is probably going to be my usuall world of shit but as i said its not going to affect me, but better than average day is staying better than average. DFTBA

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