quick thoughts: music in films/tv

i don't like non-diegetic sound, that is sound that is being played but is not from inside the film itself. an easier way to explain is that diegetic sound is made from inside the film say a band playing on screen or a radio. but although i don't like it there are fantastic examples. you'd think I'd point out something with an amazing soundtrack, like say anything by Hans zimmer including inception, but no. in fact i believe the best use a non diegetic music is in my name is earl. this isn't because of the quality of the music, although fantastic, its about the timing and my name is earl does it perfectly. another example is the original Italian job, most of the film has no music but when there is its perfect. but according to my special edition making of the reason Italian job has no music is because they spent all the budget on making the film and had none left for sound. so in my opinion no non-diegetic unless its really good.

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