hot chocolate

as you should know if you're a friend or if you're a reader of this blog you'll know that i am some what of a hot chocolate connoisseur as so i am going to provide you with a few tips. now my favorite hot chocolate exists in the instant form where you add boiling water and milk if needed, all these tips will relate to that.
1. when pouring the water pour it so that it is just above the level of the powder and mix it together well at this point, this will make a thick gloop but will help it dissolve better meaning a more chocolaty drink and no powder left at the end
2. after adding the rest of the water keep mixing until there is no gloop left stuck to the spoon, if there is no gloop on the spoon there will be no gloop inside the mug
3. always taste the hot chocolate before adding milk or sugar, sometimes it tastes better without them.

phat robs guide to making the perfect hot chocolate.

hot chocolate
squirty cream
sprinkles of some kind preferably chocolate

1. make the hot chocolate using about 3/4 of the usual about of powder you have
2. do not add milk and only fill the mug about half way up
3. fill the rest of the mug with squirty cream and dashings of sprinkles.
4. high five the nearest person
5. enjoy awesome for your mouth (not my cock)

i hope you've enjoyed this and hope you try it sometime.

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