failure is always an option.

Calum no!! phones just don't magically appear in pockets. face it you stole my phone you Nazi scouse thief. grrrrrrr. since I'm writing messages, bailey no!! i don't just go around giving my password out for things which Calum can rape me on i.e. he doesn't know my facebook. the way he gets on is by going on my laptop which auto signs in to my accounts. the reason i give out my password is trust the same with my pin code. I'm happy to give them out because i trust that you won't hack my accounts and rape me and you won't mug me and take my card. the only reason Calum rapes me on facebook is because he can't do it unless he's on my laptop because my facebook password is different, its kinda like this disobeying laws part of human nature, you know the "i can't do it normally but i can now so i will cause its fun" part of human nature. OK bailey nature was slightly longer but that because he gave me content.

so yesterday i filmed some new parts for the next phat rob show i know i haven't made one in ages but this one is different. this one is gonna take me 2-3 weeks to edit. so to get a head straight with the editing i went straight ahead and started doing it yesterday. only thing is this episode is a bitch to edit I've started and I'm already thinking why don't i quit, its OK to quit no one depends on you, failure is always an option. saying this one is gonna take me a few weeks to edit doesn't mean your gonna have to wait a few weeks to see me, i will film and edit smaller ones in the meantime.

sixth form had Assembly this morning which sucked but it sucked more than usual for me because i got sent out (<<<<<>

i would talk more but I'm in fear of boring the fuck out the tiny amount of people that actually read my blog. i am going to see a film tonight with Calum and Norledge so we'll see how that goes might blog about that abit, maybe even wideo blog.

rob?? is always an option??? if you know what i mean. wow i need to pay some Jews to write these little anecdotes for me. happy Johnny cash's birthday people.

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