ang aking maliit na mahirap na kalagayan

so a while ago i was looking desperately for work experience or something to do in film, like at the BBC or something, turns out they're really hard to get into, and after about 2 months of getting nothing, i decided to give up. i decided a better way to go at this would be to work from the bottom, so radio, the bottom of the pile of media. however it also seems its not that easy to get work experience at the local radio station, so i have to go right to the bottom, hospital radio. I've emailed the guy that organises it and he has said that they're quite desperate for workers, but i could end up hosting my own Saturday morning hospital radio show. now I'm pretty sure that this is my way into the business and i know that the starts were gonna be a little hard and gritty, but my own show on hospital radio. I'm keep thinking about how impressive that will look on my CV , but I'm also looking at the time and the commitments i have to make to get it there. if i do do this i better end up with a bloody good job.

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