top ten films rob has not seen (but wants to)

films which i know i will love if i watch them, but i haven't.
note: i have no way of rating them so it just a list of films i need to see, the number has nothing to do with the film itself

10. inglorious bastards (2009) (tarantino)
9. shutter island (heard great things) 8 or 9/10
8. resivour dogs (yet again tarantino) 9/10
7. full metal jacket (kubrick) 6/10
6. the curious case of benjamin button (dunno, heard its bad, curious) 9/10
5. casino (keep hearing about it, need an opinion)
4. the social network (NEED TO SEE) 10/10
3. the good, the bad and the ugly (yet again keep hearing about it, also it seems to be referanced everywhere, already know i love the soundtrack.)
2. memento (nolan FTW)
1. citizen kane (heard so little, yet loved so much, why?)


  1. - inglorious basterds is just a typical quentin tarantino film, in other words very good.
    - shutter island is a great film, i watched it twice with two consecutive days i liked it that much.
    - reservoir dogs i wud lend ya but u no wots wrong with tha dvd.
    - You cn borrow FMJ, its an amazing war film, one of my faves.
    - casino = fucking epic, martin scorsese is a legend director and does this film nearly as well as he did goodfellas.
    - the good, the bad and the ugly is probably one of the best westerns evar.
    - memento is a good film as well, guy pearce has memory loss and keeps tatooing shit on himself to rememba stuff
    - finally citizen kane, the film is ancient, yet it is a classic, i've seen it a few times with my dad on tv, if u dont mind some black and white then u shud enjoy this.

    I've never seen the curious case of benjamin button or social network so i cant tell u about em.

  2. i keep hear stuff bout casino, then you put it high up on your list so thats why i put it here

  3. i dont own it but i've seen it at least 20 times, theres a cool scene where a guys head gets placed in a vice and it is crushed and his eye literally bursts out, real cool :P wot is its ratin on imdb?