REVIEW: grindhouse (planet terror and death proof)

o hai, time fur anufur mooovy revuew. shit it would be annoying if i wrote blogs like that. so OK, time for review.

i got Grindhouse special edition sent on blu-ray, both films looked spectacular. if you don't know grind house is a double feature (two full length films in one). one is directed by Robert Rodriguez (planet terror) and one by Quintin Tarantino (death proof). I'd seen planet terror before separately, for some reason the Grindhouse version has about 20 - 30 minutes cut out, don't know why, but it doesn't take away from the quality of the film or the story it tells. overall I'd give it a 7.5/10. Rodriguez is well known for doing 'over the top' type films (not including spy kids or shark boy) and this was a perfect example so fun to watch and so well done. death proof i give only a 6/10, reason being lack of characters. its a film about a car chase and the last hour of the 1 and a half hour film is a car chase, being about a car chase there is no time nor need to build and make characters. i personally love characters so that made the film lack something for me. but any other film without characters i would have given a 1 or a 2 out of ten the reason being this is a brilliant fun, exhilarating film, that is excellently directed and fantastically shot, but hey what do you expect from Tarantino, this is the best shot pure action film i have ever seen and will probably ever see. i think now that I've seen 4 of Tarantino's films and absolutely loved all of them i can classify myself as a Tarantino fan, actually next in my lovefilm list is reservoir dogs.

Grindhouse overall i give an 8/10. like whoa it higher than both film singly. that's because the films go together so well and the two directors worked well together. you can see the difference in the direction. and also there is a major difference in the quality since Tarantino refuses to work with digital film media and Rodriguez films most his stuff on digital media. you can really see the difference when i though there wasn't, its actually one of the things i have to learn as a student within the next 3 years like the differences between the different types and stuff. essentially i enjoyed the films together better than i would have separately. also the order in which the films are played adds to the set so brilliantly with planet terror first then death proof, even though chronologically death proof occurs first.

yeh my rating system changed from stars outta 5 to the rating of the cakes i thought of over the entirety of watching the film out of ten. like time 8 chocolate gateaux out of 10.

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