this is madness. THIS IS ........... MONDAY!!!

actually the title lies. Monday = boring would have been a more accurate title. yay rob came back from his short break of not blogging. well i was gonna post Thursday but after the whole stressful day of finally handing in all that coursework and then filming what we could of point wars i just didn't feel like posting. after Thursday came Friday and Alex and Calum had me wake up at normal school waking up time when we had the day off school to go to Alex's house. at Alex's house i just spend a large amount of time playing guitar hero and then i went to Alex's youth club where i played more guitar hero and i guess since then I've been having a great big lie in. well, i haven't just slept i woke up at a good time on Saturday and went over to my granddad's to set up his new computer which earned me the treat of McDonald's (which i haven't had in a while) and then i went up town with my friend Ryan and then pretty much spent the rest of the day lounging around. Sunday was a lot more uneventful i just sat around waiting for my mum to moan at me to move my arse which i would inevitably ignore then just turn up the two and a half men to drown out her noise. today which i mentioned has been boring, my brother and sister are back from my dad's therefore preventing me from getting any chance for any quality TV time. but there was a light at the end of the long Monday tunnel. my mum is taking my sister to the cinema tomorrow so won't be here to cook me and my brother pancakes for shrove Tuesday sooooo we had them today and phat rob loves pancakes. i would go into details about the pancakes but i would probably bore you.

Evesham, being a small quite town in the middle of England, is never in the news. so when a crazed father puts his children in his car and jolts towards the river at 40 mph, Evesham turns into a small media storm, this was kinda exiting finding your hometown in all the papers and such, but then you remember the reason why its in the paper. a couple of days after the farther gave his two children the fright of life his 6 year old daughter died. she'd been trapped in a bubble of air inside the car for a whole 2 hours and when she was recovered and flown to join her brother in Birmingham children's hospital she was in an awful state. her brother who was in the car with her luckily escaped and today he was released from hospital today. hopefully his dad will not b e being released from anywhere and will be sent straight to the prison showers to pick up the soap if you know what i mean.

on a entirely more cheerful note i would like to talk shortly about McDonald's. earlier i said i was treated to a McDonald's but in all truthfulness it kinda isn't a treat. McDonald's food isn't actually nice. saying I'm a fat kid i should like a good Maccy D's but its just simply not something i want. McDonald's food has no taste or sustenance its actually kinda horrible and for the price's you pay I'm not surprised McDonald's make a lot of money. if i could sell crap at that kind of money to millions of people a week I'd be a trillionare in a couple of years.

so i guess i have to sign this off by saying something about how you should be expecting to see more of me than what you have in this previous week . happy February 15Th people well whats left of it.

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  1. McDonalds counts as one of your 5 a day... it's nice STFU :P