finding time

for some reason i find myself with enough time to write 2 blog posts a day which i hear is actually quite a high amount of blogs i.e. if i write 2 posts a day for a week that's 14 posts. if i write 2 every day for a 31 day month that equates to 62 posts which is like whoa. OK fair enough i have the time to write these posts but do my potential readers have the time to read all my posts i don't want to be overloading people with information. comments please

on a completely different note today is a Friday, but no wait this is no ordinary Friday this is the Friday in which i film another short film with my filming group the phrat boys. but I'm Rather sure I'll post later with how it went and even some behind the scenes footage for you all!!!

Friday is also the day which i also attend a youth club. i go because of my huge amount of spare time (and also to procrastinate from doing homework) . basically its at a church now I'm no believer of the christian faith, i only go to play guitar hero on the wii, but for some reason attending the group makes me ask myself questions and ponder upon religion and the general world,i don't think i would ever chose and support a religion but these thoughts range from what if Charles Darwin is not completely correct what if it was something completely different I'm not saying god but it could be the majority of people could be completely wrong you just never know. also what if we did find positive proof of say evolution surely the people who follow therefore believing in something and putting faith in it. in my definition of a religion this makes Darwin/evolution a religion (i think i have heard the term Darwinism) surely all these people that say "no religion is wrong" and then support evolution kind of makes me feel strange how can you not like religion but support a mans idea and say that man is a great man. this just all completely blows my mind.

Alex bailey the child and fellow sixth form student who introduced me to this youth club has also started up his own blog. Alex IS religious and his blog does seem to contain quite a bit of anti semitism. completely unrelated to the religion there is also quite a lot of lies and inaccuracy.

if you would like to read a more accurate and non religiously slanted blog i suggest you read my friend Sam's blog if you haven't already.

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