simply today isn't very interesting all i've done is woke up taken a crap and walked to school and now first thing i do in school is sit around for an hour waiting for my only 1 hour of lessons i have today. there's a six hour day and i'm only learning for 1 hour like whats the use. although it seem as though i'm just comstantly complaing wednesday afternoon's off from school is a blessing that way i can film the phat rob show. anyway these free periods are ment for homework and the other kind of jibba jabba school wants you to do and they are not for blog writing. ummmmmm now what homework to do, oh no seems i didn't bother bringing my bag because i only have 1 lesson today. ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. sorry for getting all angry all over you then its just you know grrr. see you soon

p.s i promised a couple of things in my last post those being that i would not talk about the phat rob show and also that i would blog every 2 days but blogging is a ratherfine addiction and i seems that the phat rob show is a major part of my life so you know if i'm writing about my life i have to write about the phat rob show. have a good wednesday

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