coursework, hot chocolate cravings and saturday night TV

OK so the last time i posted was Friday morning so what its not like i have to post. I've been like solidly doing coursework for like the last 48 hours and now I'm about to die of sleep deprivation because I've run out of caffeine (hot chocolate). no actually some of that is kinda lies, i did mean to post on Friday night however blogger seems to hate video uploads and denied me from doing so. so what i just post my vids on YouTube and then embed them no actually blogger isn't going to let me embed video's either so i guess i do nothing and once i got to the point where i decided to give up all hope on that Friday night and decided to write an all new one i simply had nothing to blog about .

after that whole fiasco with the video's i decided to go to youth club where i would spend the next 2 hours pressing coloured buttons and hitting a piece of plastic along with bailey. that is of course because bailey just loves guitar look just go look at his blog .

so i just spent from about 9 on Saturday morning until now just doing coursework and i can say there's nothing more fun than doing coursework for 48 hours straight without any caffeine (hot chocolate). so now in my very ... very sleep deprived state i stare at the dismal amount of coursework i have actually done and therefore decide to procrastinate from doing anymore by writing this blog. and now my little brother turns up to tell me the fact than he has been skating for 7 hours today and he skated for 6 hours yesterday and this just makes me remember those years before sixth form when i could do whatever i wanted for 6-7 hours a day and then i come come home and think about what I'm going to do for 6-7 hours tomorrow. and oh they were great times alright but then i chose the option to stay up late into the night doing hours on end of coursework to satisfy my teachers. and all that sacrifice just to make my life better in the future and now i not sure i is all worth it.

i sit here sunken into my chair with a headache from the fact i have not drank a hot chocolate in 2 days straight i read what i have just previously wrote and realise its just a load of yammer about how i haven't slept. then i come to this sudden realisation of why i am doing this coursework now, its because my coursework deadlines are Wednesday and Thursday. so what after Thursday I'm free. no I'm not after Thursday comes the revision and rob loves revision.

now I'm going to write a whole paragraph without the word coursework in it ... oh shit. OK the next paragraph will not have anything to do with coursework, homework, sleep deprivation and I'll try my hardest not to mention hot chocolate.

and now for something completely different is what i would rather watch on a Saturday night not total wipe out or casualty. i know its not on TV but i will get off my arse and put in a DVD rather that have my brain fryed by bailey's ( favorite total wipe out which is obviously a complete and utterly crap copy of the great classic takeshi's castle. and as for Sam's ( fave, casualty i didn't even know that show existed anymore i like haven't watched it since the 90's. like if i had to watch something on TV I'd just switch over to comedy central and I'd watch some quality American sitcom like two and a half men, scrubs, 30 rock or even ummm south park which isn't a sitcom but none the less awesome. any way its not like i have time to watch TV I'm always doing ..... oh yeah sorry.

if there isn't an easier bang wagon to jump on its blogging and that seems to be whats happening. i know technically i joined after Sam but i have been planning to blog write since the phat rob show season 1 finished. i know that me and Sam would have worked together well in our little blogging duet but then bailey and now our other Friend Calum has joined like i guess we'll just have to do it all in a kinda phrat boys blogging team which actually sucks. but one thing i am proud to say is that I'm the only one who video blogs and I'd half like it to stay that way . I'd be OK with one of our little blogging team to join me preferably Sam.
Calum's blog :

i would just like to close this post with a big hurrah and a nice mug of warm soothing hot chocolate only thing is I've ran out... mum where the pro plus

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