this blog sucks!!!

since I'm in sixth form i don't actually have lesson 100% of the time i often have free periods filled with delights like Paul's house and random fun trips to Tesco in which i often enjoy lovely cans of kick, which according to Sam tastes like piss. oh the fun we all have dossing about in random fun time. wait, wait, remember yesterdays post of me just complaining about all the bad points of sixth form namely the huge amounts of coursework and homework. so what sixth form does have a good side have i seen the light, no i haven't i fact seeing that this makes me want to stay in sixth form piling up more and more coursework until i finally get somewhere with it. sixth form sucks!!!.

so what now I've got to a point in my life where i believe that i could be completely independent and not only would i like to know this but i would like to try it. so the main problem with my Independence is my complete Independence of the other people in my family, so how do i cut this off, why i move out of course. but there's one hitch i don't earn no where near enough money to rent my own place I'll have to move in with on of my friends so lets ask them now and see their replies.
Calum: "very funny, no. when my grandma dies, yes"
Norledge: " no, because i have haddock hanging from my ceiling"
Bailey: "yeah why not" but i wouldn't want to live with him anyway so next
Paul: "i doubt it"
so my quest for complete Independence has failed. :( . maybe Independence just isn't my thing maybe I'll just sit home with my whinging mum, annoying brother and 9 year old sister.

no honestly i really want to show my Independence. but i can't so this just ends up in me resenting my family. my life sucks and so did this post. happy February 8th everybody.

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  1. Like I said, when my grandma dies, you can move in and we can turn it into a big fukin condo boom-shaka, yer, u get wot i mean... double bed woo!!! lol