rob's rules

as though my day hasn't been long enough already i decide to sit at my laptop late at night and write all you potential readers a post. nah just kidding i can't help myself. anyways i wanted to write a post now and about this certain subject because i know my main readers are my fellow bloggers Sam, Alex and Calum, not to say this post is aimed at anybody in particular.

so what is it that i wish to enlighten you all about??? well blogging of course. i myself have been blogging since Tuesday and i am now able to see what i have achieved, siting there analysing my page i see my page self Analise in numbers i.e. i have 7 posts, 6 subscribers and my average amount of viewers at anyone time is 2. and i am going to easily admit I'm doing awfully so how do i fix this and here's how i thought in list form.
1. there is never an end date to blogging, i will never stop, i will never finish, the only light at the end of the long, long tunnel is popularity and even then blogging doesn't stop. rob you must plan for this.
2. stop writing and read. in order to know what i am doing i must first know what other people are doing so i can follow their footstep on my path to popularity. research is key.
3. when you start blogging, popularity is like an island and you have your own Small island far away from that but by make numerous telephone calls and pleas for help (comments and email) to people living in popularity they will be able to send you a boat to help you get there. use popular people to get popular, like getting a foot up over a wall
4. final Rob's rule is set a target. i do this where ever i go if I'm walking somewhere my aim will be get to the place I'm going etc. some after some though i made my self 3 rule/aims;
1. become a nerdfighter. i know I'm far off but i believe i could make it
2. go to a YouTube gathering. this one is easier
3. never trust the numbers. fair enough they're low but i doesn't mean anything right now.

i super deserve hate mail for everything i do like really i do. happy February 8th everyone.

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