so my mum finally went out and brought me some hot chocolate which makes rob extremely happy hyper and slightly more awake i am yet to have a third mug but i am like super exited as you can see.

after my amazing amount of jumping around and yelling " yay hot chocolate, hot chocolate". i settled down and did some quality guitar hero. then my hand ached so i came and sat and started typing this blog post. wow I've had a stressful day. so now something to talk about. i could talk about me finally getting the new facebook layout a whole 2 days after the rest of my family but i suppose that would be boring for you all. ummm no really i have no idea what to write about i usually have quite a good idea what I'm going to write but every single thing escapes my mind. ahh i know here blog my other very flawed skill. now i watch video blogs constantly and I'm always looking out for new and interesting people to watch so any suggestions please comment. now people who know me will know that i basically idolise ray William Johnson and watch both his normal show and his daily personal vlogs religiously. but surprisingly he is not my favorite video blogger here is a run down of all my favorite video blogs/bloggers with analysis:

1. wheezy waiter aka Craig benzine ( wheezy waiter provides me a daily video blog and there usually short but there always topical, funny and creative. wheezy waiter only has a reasonably small following but big guns like Dan brown believe he could one day be king of YouTube and believe this and i hope one day this is true.

2. raywilliamjohnson ( and his other channel breakingnyc ( ray was the first video blogger i ever saw and i watched nothing but him for ages and he is the one who made me want to do video blogging. he reviews viral video's i a very comic way. he has a new video every Wednesday and Saturday.

3. charlieissocoollike aka charlie McDonnell ( charlie is so cool like and that is the reason i like. actually i shouldn't like him really he's not regular and he's very popular, he's just cool like. oh and the the youngest and the only British guy in my top 5

4. vlogbrothers aka john and hank green ( vlog brother i dunno i find then interesting they have a huge following and i hope on being a nerdfighter which is a group led by them dunno just think their vids are cool and topical

5. pogobat aka Dan brown ( asked me a couple of weeks ago and Dan would have been number 3 or so but like he seems like a knowledgeable guy and his old videos are great but he's starting to make some dumb ass decisions like dropping out of school for a super secret project that kinda sounds like it will inevitably fail.

umm hope you at least half enjoyed that if you've got some spare time just click on the links above. oh and also sorry about the moody blogs over the last few days I've just been a bit stressed. happy February 9th people

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  1. You watch too many Vlogs, i don't really find them funny anyway