sleep un-deprevation???

looking over my blogs from last week it seems i moaned quite a lot about being sleep deprived but now I've done sooooo much lying in i feel kinda ..... like......... sleep un-deprived. I'm not even sure that's a word but I'm suffering from so much sleep un-deprivation that i can't be bothered to go to google and find out.

today was pancake day/mardi gras but i didn't have pancakes so i kinda felt weird but i did do some bad things like i woke up and i talked a bit. OK i didn't celebrate that much but you know it is actually a Christian festival and since i never claim I'm christian i don't feel obliged to celebrate it. wow that makes me sound dull.

so I've decided to change the name of my blog to 'a blog with long post' but now that I've done so i can't find any content to write in said long posts. ummm boring life = boring.

filming the second phat rob show tomorrow should be a laugth. also going to a party with Norledge, cal and Ryan so that should provide me with some good content. anyways i guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow.

sleep un-deprivation = laziness. happy February 16th.

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