pauls house..... thursday

so right a bunch of friends (from sixth form), and me used to go to this one friend of ours house on a Monday during our free periods and lunchtime. since this Friend was called Paul we renamed that Monday, Paul's house Monday. however Paul and few of the others had their time tables changed and it resulted them not having any free periods on that Monday however by going on a Thursday this whole problem has been saved we can stay at Paul's house nearly all day therefore there is now Paul's house Thursday and that is exactly where i am now writing this blog. but there is one slight thing ......... Paul is ummmmm slightly homosexual so at this very moment i am writing this very blog post from a gay mans bedroom. never though i would say that.

so anyway today has been slightly uneventful all i can say that has happened is that the first episode of the phat rob show season 2 has finally uploaded i tried soooooooo hard to try to get it up on YouTube for Wednesday as the video blog is groundhog day themed i figured it was better to go up on groundhog day however YouTube was being a complete and utter bitch and failing my upload. but after leaving my laptop on all night and pretty much all day today it has finally uploaded. After school I'll post another short post telling you where to find it giving you a link. I'll also talk about a friend of mine who started up a blog and got into the whole idea that writing a blog is a lot easier than filming one. he is a very talented blogger read on later.

if anybody is offended by anything i say in my blog/vlog i am very sorry, but i was slightly angry because my family had tried to annoy me whilst i was trying to film the vlog i know it no excuse for bad mouthing a load of dead people but that shows my view of the current situation. expect the next installment of the phat rob show next Wednesday.

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