boreom is a funny little man.

boredom is a funny little man and to illustrate this point I'm going to inject an image like all the rest my friends are. my only way of gathering this image was to insert the search term funny little man and give you the first image result google returned. how google managed to link this image with the search term i do not know but any hows. this kind of should backup my complaining about how nothing google ever does works fully in fact google fucked up this time with not only the first result not being relevant but none of the images on the font page included an actual funny little man as you can see in the picture to the right. sometimes on google image search i feel like I'm looking through as I'm sure i said before, the only thing google has ever made work properly is their android phone OS. i never really spend much money on technology when its not needed i.e my mobile phone never usually cost more than £50. but i am seriously considering spending money where i don't need to just to get a phone that operates android. this may seem like i am therefore opposing Apple's iPhone, the reason is i already have an iPod touch. like I've already overpaid for a similar apple product so why i would want to over spend again. also apple are way better at making mp3 players i will wait till then know more about the mobile phone market before i purchase a phone from them. as I'm talking about apple i would to say a a big happy birthday to apple CEO Steve jobs. happy birthday Steve jobs. random Steve jobs facts:-
1. Steve jobs helped built the great arcade hit 'breakout'
2. Steve jobs was once fired by apple for ruining the company. he was later hired as the CEO.
3. Steve jobs is awesome and would in fact stand a chance in a fight with chuck Norris, that is before he gets round house kicked to oblivion

o and I'm pretty sure Steve jobs doesn't have the time to read this blog so could one of you just pass my happy birthday onto him thanks!!!!!

rob <3 steve jobs. happy steve jobs' birthday

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