i feel as though rape wouldn't be strong enough word to describe what has happened to me today. Calum's house ... what a journey!!! i came here because Calums PC is too crap to deal with the HD footage coming from my camera, so i had to bring my laptop over so he could use it to edit the latest phrat boys production point wars. But today is far from what i expected i have been raped many times in many different ways. my first way of being raped is being beaten by a newb on guitar hero. fair enough Calum has some awesomes at playing guitar hero but he has no where near the amount of experience that i have on guitar hero. secondly i was forced to play call of duty. i personally don't like call of duty but when your only real other choice of game is guitar hero (which I'm very angry at at this point) i am forced to play call of duty. so i decided instead of going online and being raped further by some random online jippo, i decided to play a bit of campaign. only thing is campaign gets extremely boring so i reserved to going online. but before i could i had my third raping. the controller was stolen from my hands and i was given achievements which lead to me being accused of being a g-whore. after getting my firm final raping from the online jippos i came to the computer to find Calum had worked his way onto my blogspot account and has changed my profile picture to 2 lesbians having fun. I'm gonna leave the picture there for a couple of days for your viewing pleasure.

after all that rape it made me think about WHY THE FUCK I HAVEN'T MADE ANY VLOGS IN LIKE A MONTH. ok, ok let me explain, there are many reasons why i didn't make a vlogs this week the main being, i did. i did make a vlog last week i filmed it and everything it just happened that the way i filmed it meant it was near enough impossible to edit. not only was it impossible to edit but it sucked. for all of anybody that actually reads this blog and is waiting for my vlogs i promise one by the end of this week.

i would like to propose a change to the meaning of the word rape Rather than it mean the kind of taking sexual privileges over somebody without permission, have it mean to invade personal space or to not allow them to do something they were trying to do or even making them do something they don't want to. this would of course mean there would be a larger amount of rape in the world but i think i could live with it.

rob got raped :(. happy February 21st people.

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